Regional divergence in the skull morphometry of adult male Galapagos sea lion

Published in Journal of Mammalogy | April 9, 2022
With great pride, USFQ Galapagos and the GSC want to share the access link to the article “Regional divergence in the cranial morphometry of an adult male Galapagos sea lion” recently published in the academic journal “Journal of Mammalogy”. This article brings together the findings of an important investigation carried out by Salomé Izurieta Benítez, a USFQ alumni, and other researchers from USFQ and GSC, who carried out a comparative study of the skulls of sea lions from 4 bioregions in the archipelago, discovering that there are important differences between these populations, possibly associated with the availability of resources and the level of male intrasexual competition in the archipelago.

Learn more about the study at the following link:

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